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Curriculum vitae

Besides her work with various companies in multiple countries, the following is a highlight of Ensieh Tajfiroozs' experience and work in the design field.


Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults, working as a teacher and a manager for the classes undertaken for children of a variety of ages.


Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, working in set design and construction with the use of color theory with continuity given its relevancy in the projects assigned.


Arang company Mashhad, a company set up by Ensieh Tajfirooz herself focused on graphic design and branding.


Arang Armani, the same professional company under new branding and a newly created mission statement, merging interior and graphic design.


Iran travel company, a company kickstarted by Ensieh Tajfirooz herself with her full control over the branding and the marketing department of the business.


Milan BIT International Travel Fair which was planned, branded and managed by Ensieh Tajfirooz attended for the Iran travel company. This exhibition was fully designed and idealized by her and her team. 


Her ceramic laboratory kickstarts in Iran, Mashhad.


Her work in the Milan ceramic laboratory initiates.

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